Switzerland’s finest in a real Jamaican style (Biographie, 2003)


Ganglords are Switzerland’s numero uno Reggae Band. Founded in 1988, they have recorded two albums in Kingston, Jamaica, and released more than twenty 7inches and 12inches. They haved toured Europe, and also played several shows in Jamaica. They were backing many artists such as Lady Saw, Goofy, Ghost, and Terry Ganzie. In Europe, they are featuring Skarra Mucci: a Jamaican singer and dj (rapper) who knows how to thrill the audience. New single release: Bonx it pon me (airplay Swiss national radtio station DRS3, Radio Tropic).

Ganglords have played hundreds of shows not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands and even in Jamaica. In Jamaica, they have done a few shows as backing band for popular Jamaican artists such as Lady Saw, Goofy, Ghost, and many others. Their repertoire is varying, according to the artists they are backing: it can be Roots Reggae or Raggamuffin Dancehall style. The sound of Ganglords is truly Jamaican and could best be described as „ruff“.

Ganglords have released their first record in 1991. This 7inch („Girls dem Nice“, playlist swiss national radio station DRS 3) was produced in Gussy Clark’s famous Music Works Studio, together with Steely & Clevie, and Soljie at the controls. The young band was learning a lot from this sound giants, so when they returned a year later, they were ready to produce their heavy first album called „Kingston Confidential“. It features tracks with Gregory Isaacs, Patra, Frankie Paul, Max Romeo, Captain Barkey, Spanner Banner, Courtney Melody, Mikey Melody, Superman & Spiderman, and others. They were not only recording at Gussy Clark’s, but also at Jammy’s, Bobby Digital’s, Mixing Lab, Studio 2000.

They returned to Kingston in 1995, to spend a whole year in the capital of Reggae music. Not only playing live shows, Ganglords also laid tracks for other producers. And they took time to work on their masterpiece, the second album entitled „Burnin‘ up“. The first track, a classic remix of „Thanks & Praises“ by Frankie Paul, was chosen by Sunsplash as a festival radio trailer, and also entered the Jamaican top twenty. The second track, „Burnin up“, performed by Lady Saw and Thriller U, entered the playlist of Radio24, the leading Swiss private radio station, and gets airplay even today. The Ganglords always proved to have sense for detecting talent: they have recorded Buccaneer, Goofy, and Mad Anju, before they got famous. They were truly respected among the musical fraternity of Kingston, who called dem „di gansta dem“ (the gangsters).

Recently, the Ganglords have released a 12“ with a version of „Groovy Situation“, and some versions by top Swiss rappers such as Bligg’n’Lexx. You can listen to the Ganglords also on the album „Ancient Spirit“ by Patrice, where they have contributed some of the riddims. New releases include tracks on „33 Jahre CH-Charts Vol.3“ (K-tel), and „Definitiv 2“ (RecRec). Newest releases on 7” are „Bonx it pon Me“ with Skarra Mucci, and “Find Yourself” with Spectacular.

There has been a lot of writing on Ganglords. Two full pages in SPEX (D), reviews in Jamaican papers such as „X-news“, and an entry in „Reggae Lexikon“ (Lexikon Imprint Verlag) by Rainer Bratfisch are some of the articles the band are specially fond of.


Ganglords are: >> see photos
Skarra Mucci (JAM): voc (or other singers, tbc)
Daniel „Drummie“ Müller – drums
Philipp „One Ton“ Schnyder von Wartensee – bass
Stefan „Herbal Q“ Gisler – keyboards
Christoph „Nonsi“ Schnurrenberger – guitar
Stefi Rüesch – percussion
René „Ramses“ Ramseier – sound engineer


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