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Stereo Luchs recording with Ganglords members

Zurich Reggae artists STEREO LUCHS has released "Was isch los". The song is featuring One Ton (bass) and Nonsi (guitar) from Ganglords.
27 Jul 2014

New Riddims: Pan Stripe & Cheeky Mouse

Ganglords have recorded new roots riddims. If you are a serious reggae singer and interested in voicing them, write to oneton*gmx:ch (we are sure you will get this e-mail adress right - we just made it a bit special not get spamed).
12 Aug 2011

Ganglords working on new riddims

The last 12 months were not very positive for the Ganglords. After the own studio was starting to sound well, the band had to move out of the building (complete restauration). It took some time to rebuild the G.R.A.S.S (Ganglords Recording and Sound Studio) in a new place, but now they are ready to record new riddims. Sumy, singer and multi-instrumentalist, has joined the band, while Ramses, the engineer, has left it. One ton has taken over the producer's job.

Sorry, now live shows the next few months. 'Di gangsta dem' have done so many shows during the past years, they want to stay cool and record some tracks.
02 Oct 2009

Ganglords play one of the Riddims for PHENOMDENS new album GANGDALANG

Phenomden's new album Gangdalang will be released on 29th of August 2008 on the Swiss Reggae label One Ton. The track 'Zrugg zu dir' has been played by the Ganglords, together with the Kung Fu Horns and with Migi from the Dubby Conquerors on the keyboards

(yes, Ganglords are still looking for a keyboard player...write to oneton*&* if you know Reggae to the bone...).

Check for more info, and if you want to read an interview with Phenomden (in German), go to
14 Aug 2008

Penalty Goal - the Ganglords with EURO 2008 song!

Switzerland is famous for chocolate, cheese, watches, reggae music, cows, banks and mountains. Hence no surprise, the Swiss Band Ganglords releases an anthem in summer’s most preferred music style (yes man, reggae!) to celebrate the EURO 2008 in Austria & Switzerland.
31 May 2008


Ganglords are really happy to watch how Phenomden is raising to be Zurich's new pop star. Phenomden did his first important stage shows with Ganglords (as have others done, like Patrice), an is now touring with Scrucialists. He also has a killer track called "Radio" on their album.
27 Sep 2005

Phenomden Album in stores 11. April 2005

Zurich's SingJay sensation PHENOMDEN will have his debut album "fang ah" (one ton / Nation Music) in stores on April 11th. Two riddims were produced by the Ganglords: Gueti Musig (Bag riddim), and Cha nüt defür (Bonx it riddim). This album will be Swiss Reggae histroy...promised!
09 Mar 2005

Dancehallfieber 4 mit Phenomden & Ganglords

Mediaflash, 15.11.2004.
Die Schweizer Reggae-Connection PHENOMDEN & GANGLORDS konnten das Lied "Cha nüt defür" auf dem Reggae-Sampler DANCEHALL-FIEBER 4 von Hoanzl (Wien) platzieren, welcher vor wenigen Tagen erschienen ist. Schons liegen erste Feedbacks aus der Szene vor, wobei der CH-Track besonders gut abschneidet:

Der Vertrieb Hoanzl vermeldet auch erste Airplays...und auch hier sind Phenomden & Ganglords wieder dabei:

"Erste rotationen bei radio fm4 ( österreich) von dhf4:
- kimoe und harris
- ganglords & phenomden
_ pr kantate"
15 Nov 2004

Ganglords LIVE in Star-TV

Fr 3. Sept 04, 20h and 23h, you can watch one hour of Ganglords live feat. Skarra Mucci & Phenomden on Star TV.

The show will be repeated saturday and sunday. The concert was quite powerful (f*** punky to be honest!), and we did some funny interview stuff for the in chase the cat from your sofa, postpone your friday nite date, and light up...your old tv set!
02 Sep 2004

Ganglords Live

Ganglords are playing a couple of live shows this summer, featuring Skarra Mucci and Phenomden (check CONCERTS). Rising Swiss Sing-Jay Phenomden is currently working on his debut album, right now recording in southern Italy with Sud Sound System.
04 Aug 2004

Couleur 3: "Real Thing" (Patrice&Ganglords) on play list

Swiss national radio station Couleur3 has put the new song "Real Thing" by Patrice&Ganglords on its playlists. Couleur3
09 Jun 2004

new tunes on the bonx it in stores now!

Real Thing – Patrice / OT-005
Ahiahiahiahi – Tempo al Tempo

One Heart – Ras Charmer / OT-006
Nice and Pure – Sumy

When I Was Old – Greg War (Greis) / OT-007
Cha nüt defür – Phenomden

still available:
Bonx it pon me – Skarra Mucci / OT-002
Dub Version – Ganglords vs T3

Find Yourself – Spectacular / OT-003
Version – Ganglords
04 May 2004

record release party 7.04.04 at Kaufleuten Zurich

Ganglords Singles Release @ A Letter from Jamaica

7.April ab 22.00Uhr at Kaufleuten Club Zürich

Dancehall Reggae with the Vibes Galaxy Sound

new 7" by Patrice, Ras Charmer, Phenomden etc.

Live Performances by:
Skarra Mucci
Greg War (Greis)
17 Mar 2004

new release on Nation Music Label CD

Nation Music, number one for Swiss Rap music (label, distribution etc.), have released a sampler with hot new tracks. Also on it: GANGLORDS feat. Phenomden: “Cha Nüüt Defür”. check for more.
19 Feb 2004

new releases in pipeline

watch out for new releases to come on the bonx it riddim by following artists:
Patrice, Ras Charmer, Greg War (Greis), Tempo al Tempo, Phenomden, Sumy.
20 Jan 2004

News of Ganglords

welcome to our new homepage! We hope you will find all information you're looking for, and enjoy this page.
In short time you'll find here our new tour dates, so you can come to our concerts and SHAKE YOUR BUTT OFF!
So, come back for news!
20 Jan 2004